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Goloka Prema 

A 10 acre farm and a pond.
Three cows, a bull and a calf.
A window to simple living.
Address: 9756 Ferder Rd, Maybee, MI 48159

Cow Connection

Currently, we are serving four Dexter breed cows: Surabhi, Sudurlabha, Harini, Yashoda, and Manohara. They were saved from going to a slaughter house and are learning to interact with loving humans 🙂 You are welcome to feed and hangout with them. A secret to becoming their friend: Corn and Hay.

We believe in protecting, honoring and loving cows because they are considered mothers to human society and are an essential part of agriculture and the economy.

Goloka Prema Dhama

Your donations will help provide shelter and care for the cows. What would that include? Food (daily feed & supplements), Shelter, Medical care, Farm maintenance, Outreach and Fencing.