Mantra is a Sanskrit term meaning

\”sound vibration which cleanses the mind\”.

Kirtan is the practice of mantra in a group with the use of music to enhance the meditation. We use both rhythm and melody to create an inviting sound. Feel free to bring along your favorite instrument to add to the atmosphere.

Thursdays 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


M- Mantra
A- Asana (Posture) 
P- Pranyama (Breathing)
S- Sanga (Communication)

MAPS provides meditation tools for physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. These techniques have been used by genuine seekers to guide their internal growth for centuries. We approach lofty yet relevant and relatable philosophy in a round table format that welcomes various colors of thought and experience. 

Coming Soon - Watch this space

Community Dinner

Our buffet is gourmet vegan/vegetarian, mostly organic and always homemade. We invite you to join us at our community table… which happens to seat 50-100.

Wednesdays - Coming Soon
Thursdays - 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

How You Can Help


We are an interactive community center and seva (service) is always wanted and appreciated. From pot washing to dinner serve out, guest yoga classes or community gardening… personalized services and unique touches are what the Harmony Collective is about. We want to know your skill sets and how you think we can better serve together. Some of our current community service opportunities include:

Gardenning Help
Construction/Renovation work
Public Meditation Workshop volunteers


As a 501c3 nonprofit organization we are ready to accept your tax-deductible donation and will apply the contribution towards any specific effort you designate.


Learning Love Through Cooperation



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