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  • Yoga in the Garden
    Wednesday & Friday 5pm

    Simple Living
    High Thinking

    Thursday 6PM

  • Tue through Friday 6pm
    Kirtan in the Loft
    Dinner in the Lounge

    Sunday 11-1pm
    Wisdom workshop
    Indian Sunday Brunch

think, plan and act to explore the relationship between matter & spirit so we can help ourselves and others reach life’s fullest potential. We value connecting with people and groups who are striving for the same.

At The Harmony Collective, all who value the ideal of Love and the practice of cooperation are welcome.

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Open Programs

Kirtan/Mantra meditation
Mantra is a sanskrit term meaning to free our mind using sound. Kirtan is the practice of mantra in a group. We use traditional rhythm instruments to set a soulful mood.

Tuesday through Friday 6-8pm

Asana Yoga
Yoga is the art of harmonizing the body and mind with the interests of spirit. Our yoga asana (posture) classes are gentle introductions into this aspect of the practice. We have mats available to borrow if you don’t have your own to bring and beginners are especially welcome at these sessions.

Tuesday & Wednesday at 530pm

Dinner for the Community
We agree that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and find the same true for ladies

Our nightly buffet is gourmet vegan/vegetarian with organic produce, always homemade… and the dining table is hanging from the ceiling! Its a delicious experience given with only the expectation you’ll eat all you want.

Cuisine Themes
Tue —- Latin
Wed —- Italian
Fri —-Indian

Vegan/Vegetarian options always available
Gluten free accommodations made regularly

Pick Your Price

Special Occasions
Marriage Celebrations
Baby Showers
Child and Youth Rights of Passage
Transition Ceremonies and Counciling

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Contact Felicity
Ph: +1 (734) 735-3218

Simple Living High Thinking

We discuss the ancient teachings of bhakti yoga, kirtan, mantra-meditation and self-realization.

It is a space for people of all backgrounds to explore and connect on various spiritual topics for leading a more natural life, in harmony with our true self.

It’s an opportunity to learn, share, make new friends and grow together.

Thursday 6PM

108 N Adams St
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

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